What is it?

A Halal product is a product that meets the dictates of the Sharia, excluding prohibited foods, cosmetics, additives and procedures, such as:

  • Animals not slaughtered according to the Halal rite.
  • The pig, the wild boar and its derivatives. Neither dogs, cats, rodents, foxes, mules, elephants, monkeys nor reptiles.
  • Predatory or scavenger animals.
  • The blood of any animal species.
  • Any type of alcoholic or intoxicating beverage.
  • Additives and ingredients of non-Halal animal origin.
  • Harmful products or poisonous substances.
  • Most insects.
  • Any food or cosmetic contaminated with other non-Halal products.

The Halal certification is the process by which a certification body accredited by the Muslim authorities, such as Safety Horizon, verifies by qualified technicians and experts in the Sharia and under the umbrella of rigorous technical-sanitary and religious criteria, the way of manufacturing a product to determine if its ingredients and the process that is followed for its manufacture comply with what is allowed in the religious doctrines of Islam, excluding prohibited ingredients and procedures. In addition, the existence of good handling practices is controlled to prevent cross-contamination with non-Halal products.

Afterconfirmation that those requirements are complied, Safety Horizon provides the company with a certificate for the consumption of that product by the Muslim community.

Importance and Necessity: Key to new markets

A product certified by Safety Horizon, has a new “key” that will undoubtedly facilitate the opening to new Muslim markets. Any company that wants to export its products to Arab countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia can do so if it is the holder of this certification.

Quality, Food Safety and Cosmetics

The certification process is based on religious and quality standards and food and cosmetic safety. Safety Horizon ensures compliance with religious doctrine, but also monitors that all products arranged by the economic operator meet the highest demands of quality and safety, both food and cosmetic, also becoming a seal of guarantee of safety and quality.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of facilities and equipment.
  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  • Training of personnel, both specificfor Halal procedures and food handler and any other necessary.
  • Plan to fight against pests.
  • Labeling and traceability.
  • Water control supply and its use.
  • Control and monitoring of suppliers.
  • Product storage.
  • Storage and disposal of waste.
  • Control of operations.

Safety Horizon guarantees that all the information involved in the certification process will be strictly confidential and is only processed between the client and the certifier. No data will be transferred to third parties unless express authorization or legal obligation. Information can be given about suspended or canceled certificates.

There is an impartiality committee that evaluates the suitability of each member of the audit team that travels to the company, so that impartiality and the absence of conflict of interests are guaranteed.

Safety Horizon bases the relationship with its customers on the principle of equal opportunities and fair treatment, not discriminating against any applicant based on any other aspect not related to the policies and procedures of certification of Safety Horizon. All customers are treated in the same way, regardless of size, requested service, type of certification and scope.
There is an appeal and complaints procedure available to the client to reveal any incident related to Safety Horizon certification process, certification decission or personnel.

The appeal or complain will be submitted in writing and addressed to the Technical Director so that it will be managed and reviewed acordingly to the nature of the appeal or complain. If the appeal or complaint is against the Technical Director, the appeal or complain should be addressed to the Head of the Impartiality Committee.

Appeals will be treated separately and evaluated by the Impartiality Committee to take a decision on it.

The Halal standards on which Safety Horizon is based to offer a solid criterion that allows a coherent certification as required by the Islamic authorities are the following:

    • UAE.S/GSO 2055-1:2015 – General Requirements for Halal Food
    • UAE.S 2055-2:2016 – General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies
    • UAE.S 2055-4:2014 – Requirements for Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • OIC / SMIIC 1:2011 – General Guidelines on Halal Food
    • CAC/RCP 58:2005 – Code of Hygienic Practice for Meat
    • UAE.S/GSO 2469 – 2015 Halal Foods – Management System Requirements for Warehousing and Related Activities
    • GSO 2206 2-2011 – FDS – Prepared Meats
    • UAE.S 993:2015 – Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules
    • UAE.S/GSO ISO 22716 – Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices”

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